Children receives covid-19 vaccine shot. Photo: AFP
Children receives covid-19 vaccine shot. Photo: AFP

Expert said Acute Hepatitis Not Due to Covid-19 Vaccine

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Theofilus Ifan Sucipto • 05 May 2022 14:49
Jakarta: Pediatrician Hanifah Oswari confirmed that acute hepatitis was not caused by the COVID-19 vaccine. There is no scientific information regarding this connection.
"There is no evidence (Acute Hepatitis) related to the COVID-19 vaccine," said Hanifah in a teleconference in Jakarta, Thursday, May 5, 2022.
Hanifah admitted that there was a suspicion of acute hepatitis related to COVID-19. However, this assumption is not based on scientific data.

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"These viruses are only suspected because they are still possible to occur simultaneously but are not the direct cause," explained the Permanent Professor of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia (UI).
Previously, the public was shocked by the statement of the World Health Organization (WHO) which declared an Extraordinary Event (KLB) in cases of Acute Hepatitis. Some people question the link between hepatitis and the COVID-19 vaccine.

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