Jakarta city center (Photo: Medcom.id)
Jakarta city center (Photo: Medcom.id)

Indonesia's BPOM Allows Sale Kinder Chocolate Products after Lab Tests

Antara • 28 April 2022 20:43
Jakarta: The Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) has announced that chocolate products of Kinder brand have been allowed to be sold in Indonesia again as they have shown negative Salmonella contamination in laboratory tests.
"Kinder brand chocolate products registered with the BPOM Agency can be re-circulated," Head of the cooperation and public relations bureau of BPOM Noorman Effendi said in a written statement received here on Thursday.
The agency had conducted a random sampling of the product by considering its representation in the territory of Indonesia, he informed.

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"Based on the risk assessment and testing of Kinder Joy, Kinder Joy for Boys, and Kinder Joy for Girls chocolate products registered in Indonesia, the results of the BPOM Agency's laboratory test showed that the three products were negative for Salmonella contamination," he said.
The International Food Safety Authorities Network Global Alert (INFOSAN) had issued additional information on April 10, 2022, regarding Kinder chocolate products from Belgium, which were sold in 77 countries, excluding Indonesia.
"All Kinder brand chocolate products that were recalled abroad were not registered with the BPOM," Effendi added.
Based on the results of a risk analysis of the safety of Kinder Joy, Kinder Joy for Boys, and Kinder Joy for Girls chocolate products, whose sales were temporarily suspended in Indonesia, Effendi announced that the products can be re-circulated in the country.
He asked consumers to shop smartly and always perform a Klik Check (check packaging, label, distribution permit, and expiration) before buying or consuming food products.
Earlier, Kinder chocolate products were recalled in the United Kingdom (UK), Ireland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden over suspicions that some products were contaminated with Salmonella (non-typhoid) bacteria, which can trigger mild symptoms such as diarrhea, fever, and stomach cramps.
At least 63 children were reportedly infected with the bacteria. However, there were no mortalities.
On April 11, BPOM had halted sales of Kinder products in Indonesia till it could be confirmed that the product did not contain Salmonella. 

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