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Illustration ( Rizal)

Weather Modification Likely to Prevent Harvest Failure: BPPT

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11 Juli 2019 09:45
Bogor: The Agency for Technology Assessment and Application (BPPT) will propose the use of weather modification technology to deal with the severe dry season that could inflict a loss worth Rp3 trillion in the agricultural field.
"We are trying to calculate (loss) caused by harvest failure. This is just a proposal. How much is the state loss due to the harvest failure? The estimation is up to Rp3 trillion, and hence we must find a solution to address the drought, and one way out is by making artificial rain," Hammam Riza, head of BPPT, said.
Many farming areas in Java, Bali and West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) have been affected by the extreme dry spell.

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He suggested the usage of weather modification technology to produce rain that could help to prevent rice and crop harvest failure.
The Ministry of Village, Disadvantaged Region Development and Transmigration has asked the BPPT to modify the weather to deal with the severe dry weather that could damage paddy and other crops.
The Agriculture Office of Indramayu District, West Java, said at least 11 thousand hectares of rice fields have dried up because of the drought. (Antara)

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