Jakarta's National Monument Square (Photo: Medcom.id)
Jakarta's National Monument Square (Photo: Medcom.id)

Jakarta to See Public Transport Consolidation in 2023: SOEs Minister

Antara • 05 December 2022 20:50
Jakarta: Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) Erick Thohir has said that the consolidation of the public transportation systems in Jakarta will be achieved in 2023.
At a working meeting with Commission VI of the House of Representatives (DPR) at the Parliament Complex here on Monday, the minister reaffirmed his commitment to consolidating the public transportation ecosystem, primarily in Jakarta.
"Our endeavor now is to consolidate all transportation modes in Jakarta, including MRT (Mass Rapid Transit), LRT (Light Rail Transit), and TransJakarta, to be in one ecosystem," Thohir said.

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The consolidation would help residents and commuters who need to switch transportation modes during travel, he added.
"Hence, public transport users will be facilitated as they will not be burdened to use different pass cards. We already encouraged this earlier, but we will set the target in 2023," the minister informed.
Meanwhile, Deputy SOEs Minister Kartika Wirjoatmodjo said that the ministry will continue to push for the completion of the Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway (KCJB) and Greater Jakarta LRT, which would become a part of Jakarta's public transportation ecosystem.
The high-speed railway line is expected to become operational by June or July 2023, according to the schedule, he noted.
"Yesterday, the Rp3.2-trillion state capital participation was approved, and the process is ongoing at the (DPR) Commission XI for its disbursement at year-end," Wirjoatmodjo said.
He clarified that the decision to delay the operation of the Greater Jakarta LRT from August 2022 to July 2023 was prompted by software issues since trains in the system will be driverless and will be operated from a centralized control center.
The deputy minister also expressed the hope that the Greater Jakarta LRT would begin to operate at the same time as the high-speed railway system.
"This is a huge challenge, yet it is a huge leap forward in our technology. If the project is successful, we hope it could be the pride of Adhi Karya, (state railway company) KAI, and (state rolling stock company) INKA, who have successfully developed a sophisticated LRT transportation technology, which is a driverless train technology," Wirjoatmodjo remarked.



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