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Indonesia's Covid-19 CFR Rate at 5.15%: Task Force

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Antara • 29 Juni 2020 22:58
Jakarta: The recovery rate among COVID-19 patients in Indonesia has been recorded at 41.48 percent, while the country’s case fatality rate (CFR) has been pegged at 5.15 percent, government spokesperson for covid-19 handling, Achmad Yurianto, said.
Indonesia's recovery rate is slightly below the world average of 54.15 percent, Yurianto said here on Monday. Meanwhile, the global CFR average stands at 5.01 percent, he added.
Some provinces in Indonesia have recorded a better recovery rate than the world average, he noted.

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"Referring to the world average, there are 18 provinces that have (shown) a better recovery rate. Five of them have (witnessed) an over 80-percent recovery rate, namely Bangka Belitung, Yogyakarta, Central Sulawesi, West Sulawesi, and Gorontalo," he remarked.
In terms of the case fatality rate, 23 provinces have recorded lower rates than the world average.
"Our optimism for covid-19 patient recovery has improved," Yurianto said.
He said Indonesia has conducted mass tests to detect the novel coronavirus disease, and has registered a PCR test ratio of 2,779 per million of population.
Some provinces have recorded a higher PCR test ratio — West Sumatra (7,168 per million of population), South Sumatra (2,889 per million), Jakarta (21,406 per million), Bali (7,151 per million), South Sulawesi (5,021 per million), and Papua (4,436 per million).
Meanwhile, provinces which need to increase their PCR testing ratio are East Java, which has a ratio of 1,428 per million, and South Kalimantan (2,281 per million), Yurianto said. (antara)


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