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Schools in Depok City Commence Face-to-Face Learning

Antara • 04 October 2021 14:57
Depok: The Depok city government has commenced limited face-to-face learning in schools on Monday, October 4, Head of the Depok Education Office Wijayanto stated.
The government had earlier conducted a trial run for face-to-face learning on Sept 28-29, 2021.
According to Wijayanto, schools that conduct limited face-to-face learning (PTMT) are still urged to offer a learning-from-home option for students that did not receive permission from their parents to partake in face-to-face learning activities at school.

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“Schools still offer online learning services to students not permitted to partake in face-to-face learning by their parents,” he remarked.
In Depok City,the satellite city of Jakarta Province, face-to-face learning is only conducted twice a week for two hours per day. The number of students during one learning session is also limited.
In addition to the two days of limited face-to-face learning, teaching and learning activities are still conducted online.
"The school will handle the arrangement of the session," Wijayanto remarked.
In a bid to prevent a surge in covid-19 cases, face-to-face learning is conducted without break time.
“There is no break time. Students are urged to immediately go home after the learning session ends,” he remarked.



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