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Soetta Airport Increases Surveillance to Prevent Coronavirus Outbreak

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Sunnaholomi Halakrispen, Christopher Harindra • 24 Januari 2020 15:15
Jakarta: As one of Indonesia's gate of entry, Soekarno Hatta (Soetta) Airport has installed detection devices to prevent the outbreak of the coronavirus. The thermal scanners were installed earlier this year.
Dr. Anas Ma'ruf as Head of the Class 1 Port Health Office (KKP) Soekarno Hatta said that international airports must indeed have detection devices, even when there are no specific disease outbreaks.
"This tool has been around for a long time. So, since the beginning of January, we have increased awareness of pneumonia nCov and we have received a letter from the director general. So we have increased our supervision," said Dr. Anas at the Indonesian Ministry of Health Building, South Jakarta.

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"We must protect those working on the front line and so on. If WHO (World Health Organization) does this, we will improve it again. But so far it has not been found in Indonesia," he explained.
Dr. Anas explained that these detection devices observe people's body temperature. A person with a fever can be identified quickly and precisely.
"In addition to the red color, there will be a sound. It is placed before the immigration process," he explained.
Passengers at the airport can comfortably pass as usual without being interrupted because the device functions like a CCTV camera.
Chinese authorities reported that the death toll from the coronavirus in the region increased to 25, Friday, January 24, 2020. China said it was handling at least 830 cases of patients infected with the coronavirus until Thursday, January 23, 2019, local time.


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