Illustration ( Riyandi)
Illustration ( Riyandi)

Suspected Terrorist's Wife in Sibolga Detonates Herself with 2 Children

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13 Maret 2019 14:59
Jakarta: The wife of Husain, alias Abu Hamzah, a terror suspect arrested by the Police's counterterrorism squad, Densus 88, in Sibolga, North Sumatra, March 12, detonated herself along with two children at her home, early Wednesday.
"Based on information from the field, the wife exploded herself at around 2 a.m. local time. At this moment, the police team is sterilizing the scene and trying to retrieve the remains of (the woman and children)," Brigadier General Dedi Prasetyo, spokesman of the National Police, stated here, Wednesday.
Husain's wife and children were believed to have died in the explosion. The home was located in the densely populated Pancuran Bambu area, Sibolga Sambas district.

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Husain, while being arrested on Tuesday afternoon, managed to detonate a bomb that injured several officers. The police later attempted to negotiate with his wife to come out of her home, believed to contain bombs inside.
By Tuesday night, Densus 88 continued to negotiate with the wife of suspected terrorist Husein Abu Hamzah, who refused to emerge from the house and threatened to set off an even more powerful bomb than before.
Two bombs exploded at around 1:20 a.m. local time on Wednesday, forcing nearby residents to rush outdoors to save themselves.
The suspected terrorist's wife was strongly believed to have hurled the bombs from atop her house at the neighbors' homes.
Densus 88 nabbed two suspected terrorists in Lampung and West Kalimantan and Lampung. They allegedly planned terror attacks in Jakarta and their hometowns.
The two terror suspectsare only identified with their initials R and P. They are reportedly members of Jamaah Ansharud Daulah (JAD) terror group.
According to the police spokesperson, R was arrested in Lampung province on Saturday. In the meantime, P was arrested in West Kalimantan a day later.
During an interogation, R revealed his plan to attack Lampung Police headquarters and police stations in Jakarta. On the other hand, P allegedly planned to carry out terror attacks against police officers.


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