Mount Semeru (Photo:TNBTS)
Mount Semeru (Photo:TNBTS)

Mount Semeru Hiking Trails Closed

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Daviq Umar Al Faruq • 23 September 2019 11:46
Malang: The office of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TNBTS) has totally shutdown hiking activities in Mount Semeru due to hotspots around hiking tracks in the area.
The hotspots were found on Sunday. Most of them were located in Cilik Panggonan Blok which is the oldest hiking track towards Ayek- Ayek hill.
“Most of them (hotspots) are located in Ayek-Ayek hill near Ranu Kumbolo. Now, the deployed personnel are extinguishing the fire,” TNBTS head John Kenedie said here on Monday.

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“15 personnel were deployed last night. This morning 5 more personnel were added,” he added.
According to the official, the dry grass and strong wind have exacerbated the fire. Up to Sunday, the fires have expanded to Watu Pecak Block, 4 Post and Ranu Kumbolo area.
The search and rescue personnel had identified 45 hikers in Ranu Kumbolo. They had instructed the hikers to go down to Ranupani post.
“Hiking activities have been totally banned since Sunday until an undetermined date,” he said.
“At the moment, our fire extinguisher team are heading to the location to extinguish fire around Panggonan Cilik and Ranu Kumbolo using Jet Shooters and other operational equipment,” he added. (Translator:Muhammad Gestinev)


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