Chaos in Yogyakarta City on Sunday evening, June 4 2023. Photo:
Chaos in Yogyakarta City on Sunday evening, June 4 2023. Photo:

Chaos in Yogyakarta, a Number of Roads were Closed

Medcom • 05 June 2023 16:49
Yogyakarta: Riots occurred on a number of roads in the center of Yogyakarta City on Sunday evening, June 4 2023. A number of roads were closed for several hours.
Information compiled by, riots occurred in the afternoon in the Amongrogo Sports Hall area. This point is the confluence of Jalan Kenari and Jalan Cendana.
In the evening, the commotion shifted to Jalan Kusumanegara until finally in the Jalan Tamansiswa area. The chaos on Jalan Tamansiswa occurred around 19.00 WIB. Objects such as stones and glass shards were scattered on the streets.

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"It was busy (starting around) at 18.30 WIB," said a hotel guest on Jalan Tamansiswa who declined to be named.
Kapolda DIY, Inspector General Suwondo Nainggolan, and Yogyakarta Police Chief, Senior Commissioner Saiful were seen at the scene. They are among hundreds of police officers trying to maintain security. has been trying to find confirmation of the incident. However, officers at the location could not be reached for comment.
Monitoring around the Sentul gas station, which is between Jalan Kusumanegara, Jalan Tamansiswa, and Jalan Sultan Agung, was closed for more than 2 hours. 2-wheeled, 4-wheeled and bus drivers are still not allowed to pass due to the security situation.
Riders from the west side crossing Sultan Agung are diverted to the road. About 3-4 ambulances have been stationed on Jalan Sultan Agung.
Meanwhile, at around 21.30 WIB, road access around the Sentul gas station was allowed for motorists to pass. However, some residents and drivers are still on either side of the road. (Kevin Schreiber)


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