North Kalimantan has become a province set for becoming a green economy area. (Photo:
North Kalimantan has become a province set for becoming a green economy area. (Photo:

Green Energy is one of Indonesia's Huge Potentials: Jokowi

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Antara • 01 March 2022 19:35
Jakarta: Environment-friendly renewable green energy was among the nation's vast energy potentials that other countries did not possess, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) stated.
"Wind, underwater currents, and sea surface heat, all of these can be used for green energy development. There is (also) solar power. These are (the potential sources) of this country that other countries do not have," Jokowi noted during the 2022 Leadership Meeting of the National Defense Force and Police in Cilangkap, East Jakarta, on Tuesday.
The president pointed out that Indonesia was currently encouraging the use of environmentally-friendly energy sources for industrial uses in a bid to create or implement the green economy.

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North Kalimantan has become a province set for becoming a green economy area, with the construction of a Green Industrial Park to initiate the efforts. Kayan River will become a source of hydropower that could generate 11 thousand to 12 thousand megawatts (MW) of power.
The president believed that Indonesia had the ability to manage and develop renewable energy, as the country has 4,400 rivers that could be utilized to operate hydroelectric power plants (PLTA).
Apart from its water-based energy source, Indonesia had geothermal energy potential that could be harnessed into power that reached 29 thousand MW.
Thus, in order to utilize these natural resources to power up the state, Jokowi urged one and all to develop and implement a green economy as the basis or foundation as soon as possible.
"The duty of ladies and gentlemen is to ensure that we build this foundation thoroughly. We (have to) build it, as we know other countries are (envious or jealous to see that) we can (do it). There are (some countries that are actually like that), believe me. (Those countries) will certainly do anything (to disrupt our development). How (they would) disrupt us, we have no idea, but we will not remain still," Jokowi affirmed.
Transformation geared towards green energy was also one of the focus areas during the Indonesian Presidency at the G20 Forum. The G20 Summit was a pivotal point to promote sustainable green energy transition and push for the policy for sustainable, efficient, easy, affordable, and concrete green energy transition. 


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