Some 956 people are state officials. (Photo:
Some 956 people are state officials. (Photo:

Some 100,023 State Employees to Relocate to Nusantara in 2024-2029: Bappenas

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Antara • 15 April 2022 02:02
Jakarta: Some 100,023 civil state apparatuses are expected to gradually relocate to the national capital Nusantara during the 2024-2029 period, according to the Ministry of National Development Planning/National Development Planning Agency's official.
"For the initial exercise to profile civil state apparatuses that we will relocate (to Nusantara City), we have projected a total of 100,023 employees, including state officials and higher functionary officials in Jakarta and its surrounding areas, whom we would relocate through gradual means," the ministry's Director for State Apparatus, Prahesti Pandanwangi, noted during a webinar on infrastructure readiness and state employees' relocation to the new capital as observed here on Thursday.
According to the demographic profile of the 100,023 state employees to be relocated to the new capital, some 956 people are state officials, while 3,264 people are high-ranking officials and 95,083 people are higher functionary officials, she noted.

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Regarding the age of the state apparatuses, the director elaborated that 34.5 percent of the employees are in the age bracket of 30-39 years, while 28.8 percent belong to the age group of 40-49 years, and 19.8 percent of the employees are in the age band of 50-60 years.
Some 54 percent of the employees to be relocated to the new capital are men, while 46 percent are women, she stated.
Some 51.3 percent of civil state apparatuses holding bachelor's degrees comprise the majority of the relocated state employees, she remarked while adding that employees with master's degrees comprised 26.7 percent, while employees with doctoral degrees constituted 1.6 percent, and 14.8 percent were employees with vocational degrees.
"We also need to consider shifts to working methods and needs that younger civil state apparatuses are having in the future," Pandanwangi stated.
The director confirmed that the government had committed to providing four benefits for state employees that are relocated to the new capital. Those benefits are official residence at the new capital's central government district, daily needs' costs and benefits, relocation benefits, and flexible facility arrangement, she added.

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