Illustration ( Farahdina)
Illustration ( Farahdina)

Satpol PP Visits Parliament Complex after 40 People Contract Covid-19

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Kautsar Widya Prabowo • 07 Oktober 2020 13:34
Jakarta: The Public Order Agency (Satpol PP) of Jakarta Special Capital Region today visited the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Central Jakarta after 40 lawmakers and staff reportedly contracted covid-19.
According to Jakarta Satpol PP Head Arifin, if a building registers a covid-19 case, the building must shut down temporarily.
"I think they understand the regulations. They must temporarily shut down the affected areas. That is the reason of today's visit," Arifin said here on Wednesday.

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Earlier this week, Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR) Deputy Speaker Azis Syamsuddin revealed a total of 40 people tested positive for coronavirus, comprising 18 lawmakers and 22 staff.
Jakarta Special Capital Region is still the epicenter of covid-19 crisis in Indonesia. The Jakarta Health Agency registered more than one thousand new covid-19 cases on Tuesday.
From Monday noon to Tuesday noon, the total number of confirmed cases in Indonesia's capital rose by 1,007 to 81,043. However, the number of active cases in the province decreased by 47 to 12,922.

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