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Govt Accords Priority to Disabled People to Receive Covid-19 Vaccinations

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Antara • 28 September 2021 18:59
Jakarta: The Indonesian government has prioritized people with disabilities to receive COVID-19 vaccines by instructing regional heads to facilitate access for this category to get inoculated.
"I also urge all regional heads to help facilitate access for persons with disabilities to get vaccinated. We have sent letters to the heads of the Java and Bali Provincial Social Offices to collect data on prospective vaccination recipients," Social Affairs Minister Tri Rismaharini noted in a statement here, Tuesday.
The ministry has provided data from social centers, Social Welfare Institutions (LKS), and Regional Technical Implementation Units (UPTD) regarding people with disabilities for vaccination targets.

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From the coordination between the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Ministry of Health and Social Offices in Java and Bali, 225 thousand people with disabilities in the Java-Bali are targeted to receive the vaccination. Of the total target, data on 112,471 had been collected, comprising data of 106,357 people from Social Offices and 6,114 individuals from Health Offices.
In addition, through Social Offices across Indonesia, the Social Affairs Ministry also provides places for vaccination and services for people with disabilities facing difficulties in going to vaccination booths.
Initially, the minister revealed that people with disabilities were not included in the prioritized groups to receive COVID-19 vaccinations.
However, the ministry  then moved quickly to send a letter to the Minister of Health on the acceleration of COVID-19 vaccination for persons with disabilities.
"Alhamdulillah (thank God), we immediately received a response with the implementation of vaccinations for people with disabilities in Jakarta through Circular Letter No. HK.02.01/MENKES/598/2021 on accelerating the implementation of COVID-19 Vaccinations for Older Adults, Persons with Disabilities, Educators and Education Personnel," she remarked.

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