the BNPB immediately sent a rapid reaction team (TRC). (Photo:
the BNPB immediately sent a rapid reaction team (TRC). (Photo:

West Pasaman Quake Claims at Least 2 Lives: BNPB

Antara • 25 February 2022 16:57
Jakarta: Two people died while 20 were injured in the magnitude 6.1 earthquake in West Pasaman, West Sumatra Province, on Friday morning, according to Head of the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) Lieutenant General Suharyanto.
"It turns out that the earthquake in West Pasaman District caused fatalities. Data shows that two people died, while 20 people are injured. That is our temporary data," Suharyanto noted at a press conference on Friday.
The BNPB head later confirmed that his side was continuing its coordination and data collection efforts.

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Suharyanto is optimistic that the Search and Rescue team would be able to confirm the actual count of victims and casualties related to other property in the near future.
After the magnitude 6.1 earthquake struck, the BNPB immediately sent a rapid reaction team (TRC) to provide disaster emergency response assistance in the affected area.
Suharyanto had instructed the TRC to immediately head to the affected area. He had also planned to coordinate with the local government directly.
Suharyanto had urged the BNPB to support emergency response in West Pasaman. The TRC will also ensure the establishment of a command post to help emergency response efforts to be made in a coordinated manner to lead the on-field search and rescue activities.
Furthermore, he requested related parties to provide evacuation posts to cater to the needs of affected residents. He called on the local government to coordinate with the local disaster mitigation agency (BPBD) to ensure the availability of evacuation posts.
"We will ensure that the basic needs of refugees can be fulfilled quickly," Suharyanto affirmed.
He also reported data on material losses, including one educational facility that was heavily damaged as well as damage caused to banking facilities, a community meeting hall, and the hall of the West Pasaman Head's Office.
Responding to post-earthquake conditions, Suharyanto advised residents to remain vigilant and prepare themselves for potential aftershocks.
The BNPB urged residents to not be provoked by negative issues circulating that trigger panic among members of the community. In addition, after the earthquake, residents should ensure the structural strength of the building before entering it, he emphasized.

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