More than 150 eruptions of 38 volcanoes with various types of eruptions occurred. (Photo;
More than 150 eruptions of 38 volcanoes with various types of eruptions occurred. (Photo;

Indonesia Experienced At Least 150 Volcano Eruptions Over Last 2 Decades

Antara • 04 February 2022 16:56
Jakarta: Indonesia bore witness to at least 150 volcano eruptions over the last two decades, according to the Geological Agency of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.
Head of the Center for Research and Development of Geological Disaster Technology (BPPTKG) Hanik Humaida stated that the level of volcanic activities in Indonesia was quite high with diverse characteristics and varied types of eruptions.
"(With regard to the) volcanic activities for the 2000-2021 period, more than 150 eruptions of 38 volcanoes with various types of eruptions occurred, specifically effusive, explosive, and phreatic, causing various dangerous phenomena," Humaida noted in a statement on Friday.

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Identifying volcanic activities and understanding the dangers and risks are crucial for volcanic mitigation efforts, according to Humaida.
The identification of hazards and risks was conducted by observing the types of volcanic eruptions and the period of repeated eruptions.
"Identification of the eruption phenomena is also necessary, such as eruptive hot clouds, hot avalanche clouds, gas, ash, mud flows, lava flows, and tsunamis, as well as the impact of the hazard range," she remarked.
When the activities and hazards of volcanic disasters have been identified, disaster mitigation efforts can be conducted.
Disaster mitigation efforts cannot be made by just one agency but should be conducted jointly by all relevant stakeholders, she stated.
"Volcano disaster mitigation includes early warning, information dissemination, education, and raising awareness," she remarked.
Deputy for Prevention of the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) Afrial Rosa stated that all stakeholders have a similar role to play in mitigating volcanic disasters, one of which is the dissemination of information related to volcanic disaster mitigation to the public.
Rosa called for improved coordination among concerned stakeholders, so that the dissemination of information can be well-received and understood by the community.
"A clear coordination flow is crucial in the disaster mitigation system, so that early warning of disaster conditions can reach the community for sure," the official remarked.


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