Agriculture Minister Syahrul Yasin Limpo (Photo: MoFA)
Agriculture Minister Syahrul Yasin Limpo (Photo: MoFA)

Agriculture Minister Asks Indonesian Farmers to Adapt to Climate Change

Antara • 29 June 2022 18:06
Jakarta: Agriculture Minister Syahrul Yasin Limpo has urged farmers to adapt to current environmental challenges, such as climate change, which he described as a big problem for the agricultural sector.
He made the remarks while visiting the Center for Training and Development of Agricultural Human Resources (BBPSDM) here on Tuesday.
In response to climate change, all stakeholders, including farmers, must conduct agricultural activities in accordance with eco-friendly principles, he said.

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Hence, the implementation of the Training of Trainers (TOT) activity themed “Environmentally Friendly Agriculture” for civil servants, lecturers, teachers, and agricultural dissemination officers in Lampung province by BPPSDMP is expected to establish concrete practice implementation, he added.
“The TOT is the start of a long course (of eco-friendly agriculture practices). I expect the activity to have a (concrete) target, thus every participant knows what will they obtain after the training,” he said.
The minister further said that the capabilities of farmers should continue to be improved so that food production can increase.
"In the future, agriculture can become the strength of this nation (Indonesia), at least (the production is hoped to be adequate) for our own needs. In fact, we expect that we can export the products," he added.
Meanwhile, head of BPPSDMP, Dedi Nursyamsi, said that eco-friendly agriculture is in accordance with the implementation of the sixth national priority of the Mid-Term National Development Program (RPJMN) on improving the environment, increasing disaster and climate change resilience, and conducting low-carbon development.
"To advance the agriculture sector, it requires a strong will without relying on the (state) budget," he added.
Hence, all stakeholders must continue to upgrade their knowledge, capacity, and ability to respond to the challenges and the development of the agricultural sector, especially regarding technology and climate change issues, he said.
“The solution to (mitigate) global warming and extreme weather is (conducting) eco-friendly agriculture," he added.  

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