South Sumatera Governor Herman Deru (right). (Photo: Media Indonesia).
South Sumatera Governor Herman Deru (right). (Photo: Media Indonesia).

Livestock Sector Remain an Interest for Herman Deru

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24 Oktober 2018 12:52
Palembang: South Sumatera Governor Herman Deru has emphasized that the livestock sector will be the main concern of his administration in the province to improve food security that is in accordance with the central government program.
Moreover, South Sumatra is still facing a shortage of meat, so the field of animal husbandry must be maximized, the governor stated in Palembang on Wednesday.
Deru said his side had a vision and mission to fully support South Sumatra as a national food barn, so special attention needs to be given to the livestock sector, not only in terms of the population and breed but also in terms of law and animal health that must also be the main concern.
He noted that undeniably, the district and city governments need to raise awareness of the livestock sector as a promising investment for the economy. Hence, animal husbandry is not only an alternative business but must also be carried out in sustainable manner through professional management, the governor remarked.
He further added that if the livestock sector develops rapidly, then food security will become stronger and this is in line with the central government program.
The governor shared his experiences of serving as Ogan Komering Ulu Timur district head during which his party maximized the livestock sector, so that the area was the largest livestock producer in South Sumatra.
When he became a district head, his party dispersed cattle to the border areas to be maintained by the community, so that the number of livestock continues to increase, as the people are encouraged to keep the animals, he stated.
He also urged the district and city governments to continue to raise awareness about the livestock sector in order to strengthen food security, he added. (Antara)


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