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7.1 Million Jakartans Fully Vaccinated against Covid-19

Fachri Audhia Hafiez • 16 September 2021 17:05
Jakarta: The number of people in Jakarta who are fully vaccinated against covid-19 has reached 7.1 million people. 
On Wednesday, There were an addition of 91,797 people who received the second dose.
"The current total is 7.115.084 people," said Jakarta Health Office's Disease Control and Prevention Division Head, Dwi Oktavia, in a written statement on Thursday.

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Meanwhile, those who have received the first dose also increased to 10,143,670.
According to the ofifical, the percentage of the second dose recipients in the Capital is 79,6 percent.
DKI Jakarta Government has increased the vaccination target to 11 million
doses. The vaccination target was initially 8,8 million people. This target has bee surpassed.
DKI Jakarta Province Government has urged those who want to be vaccinated to
visit vaccination centres. 
People are urged to register online via the JAKI application or to accelerate the registration process. (Translator: Natasha Celia)



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