All parties should remain vigilant against COVID-19. (Photo: KBRI Khartoum)
All parties should remain vigilant against COVID-19. (Photo: KBRI Khartoum)

Indonesian Students in Sudan Encouraged to Maintain Health during Ramadan

Wahyu Dwi Anggoro • 21 April 2022 13:16
Khartoum: Indonesian Ambassador to Khartoum Sunarko gave a speech at the Health Webinar with the theme "Following Ramadan Fasting in Sudan's Extreme Weather" held by PPI Sudan last week.
The webinar presented two speakers, namely Melynda Sulfiana, Nutrition Program Manager at the Central Jakarta City Administration, and Mega Fitri Choirunnisa S.Gz, an expert in the field of Nutrition.
In his remarks, Ambassador Sunarko appreciated the webinar's theme which is very relevant and important for Indonesian students in the current pandemic situation.

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"Sufficient understanding of a healthy lifestyle is very important for students to stay healthy, fit and enthusiastic in carrying out activities", explained Ambassador Sunarko in a press release on Thursday.
According to him, all parties should remain vigilant against COVID-19 and must not be careless even though the trend of the pandemic in Indonesia and Sudan is sloping.
At the end of the webinar, Ambassador Sunarko advised all students to stay healthy and keep the spirit in undergoing Ramadan fasting worship and always implement health protocols in every activity.?

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