Indonesia has established bilateral relations with Latvia since 1993. (Photo:
Indonesia has established bilateral relations with Latvia since 1993. (Photo:

Latvia's Riga Bourse Art Museum Receives Additional Collection of Indonesian Art Objects

Wahyu Dwi Anggoro • 05 July 2022 10:52
Jakarta: The Riga Bourse Art Museum has 'new occupants' to enrich their collection of Indonesian art objects.
Last week, the Chairman of the House of Representatives' Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation Committee (BKSAP DPR RI), Dr. Fadli Zon handed over to the Director General of the Latvian National Museum of Art, M?ra L?ce Indonesian art objects in the form of Keris, Balinese Songket, Palembang Songket and Gunungan to be displayed as a permanent collection in the Indonesian corner at the Riga Bourse Art Museum.
The handover of the permanent collection of 'Gift of Indonesia' was witnessed by the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the Kingdom of Sweden and the Republic of Latvia, Kamapradipta Isnomo, as well as members of the Indonesian House of Representatives BKSAP Putu Supadma Rudana, Irine Yusiana Roba Putri, Arkanata Akram, Director of the Riga Bourse Art Museum, DR. Daiga Upeniece, and Indonesian Honorary Consul for the Republic of Latvia, Valdis Tigalis.

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"This is a good opportunity to increase cultural cooperation and people to people contact between Indonesia and Latvia. I hope that Latvian people's interest in learning Indonesian culture will increase in the years to come," the Chairman of the BKSAP DPR RI stated in a press release on Monday.
The Riga Bourse Art Museum is located at the center of Riga, Latvia and has a wide collection of art objects from East and Southeast Asia, including Indonesia. Art objects from Indonesia that have previously been on display include Palembang Songket cloth, Sumba woven cloth, leather puppets, Asmat statues, Balinese masks and Garuda statues.
The visit of the DPR RI BKSAP delegation was part of a series of visits to attend the On the Road Meeting of the OECD Global Parliamentary Network in Riga, Latvia,, which was organized by the Latvian Parliament, Saeima.
Indonesia has established bilateral relations with Latvia since 1993. Latvia is Indonesia's largest trading partner for the Baltic region while Latvian tourists visiting Indonesia are listed as the largest foreign tourists from the Baltic.
"Museums are an effective 'gateway' for studying the culture and civilization of a nation. Therefore, the existence of a permanent collection of Indonesian art objects on display at the Riga Bourse Art Museum can be a gateway for the Latvian people to know and increase their interest in visiting Indonesia," The Indonesian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Sweden and the Republic of Latvia said.

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