Borobudur temple is the biggest cultural symbol in human civilization.
Borobudur temple is the biggest cultural symbol in human civilization.

Govt Supports Indonesia Dance Festival for Borobudur Temple's Cultural Preservation

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Antara • 03 December 2021 16:56
Jakarta: The Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry voiced support for the Indonesia Dance Festival (IDF) Program that features three performances combining dances and Borobudur temple's enthomathematics for preserving the cultural site.
“The ministry strives to support every activity that can benefit the destination's sustainability, either the cultural area destinations, natural areas, or artificial destinations,” the ministry’s national and international event director, Dessy Ruhati, stated during a discussion on “Dermaga Bincang Tari” here on Friday.
The program, organized by IDF, was themed “Layar Terkembang 2021 seri Tubuh Mandala” to welcome the festival’s 30th anniversary next year.

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The three dances, incorporating the dance element and ethnomathematics, were produced by three Indonesian choreographers: 0-Exelsior by Otniel Tasman, Watu Gamping (Bilangan Tak Terhingga) by Fitri Setyaningsih, and Selapan by Retno Sulistyorini.
The three choreographers drew inspiration from Borobudur temple.
Ruhati lauded the works of those choreographers since dance and mathematics were viewed as two contradictory elements so far.
“The dance world is an inseparable part of our lives as cultured human beings since dances express what we feel and think, thereby being an intrinsic part of our journey as human beings,” she stated.
In addition, Borobudur temple is the biggest cultural symbol in human civilization as reflected from the reliefs engraved on the temple’s walls, according to the director.
“The values of Borobudur are very outstanding since the temple is one of the biggest civilizations,” she added.
Moreover, Indonesia's president has designated Borobudur temple as one of the five super-prioritized destinations, so it has been accorded priority in terms of developing cultural and tourist destinations, she stated.
Through the spirit of collaboration, innovation, and adaptation, the ministry believes that the IDF has given its remarkable contribution to the development of contemporary dance in the country, she noted.
“We expect the collaboration to be implemented through intensified cooperation among all pentahelix elements. We see that it has been done here since the academicians, business players, communities, experts, and the media are involved,” she remarked.

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