The national film industry has shown signs of activity, (Photo:
The national film industry has shown signs of activity, (Photo:

Indonesian Film Industry Improving after Pandemic: Ministry

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Antara • 16 May 2022 21:55
Garut: The national film and documentary industry, which struggled to overcome the pandemic’s impact for a while, has become active again and is garnering good response from people, the Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Ministry said.
"Nowadays, there are many new films being screened. It was nearing the beginning of the epidemic (when) people had longed to go to cinemas, which started to open recently," coordinator of the Film Appreciation and Literacy Working Group of the Directorate of Film, Music, and Media of the Education and Culture Ministry, Edi Suwardi, said in Garut district, West Java, on Monday.
According to the ministry, the national film industry has shown signs of activity, as has been evident from the number of films shown in cinemas lately, such as KKN di Desa Penari (Student Study Service in Dancer's Village) and Gara-Gara Warisan (Because of Inheritance), among others.

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The cinematic movies made by citizens have shown that the national film industry has improved, and they have been well-received by people as there have been a lot of viewers, he pointed out.
He said he expects national movies to continue improving and serving as a means to provide entertainment, education, and good morals so as to instill better national values.
Suwardi expressed the hope that national films that help showcase the diversity of Indonesia's culture would be made.
The ministry will continuously seek to promote the film industry and instill a sense of pride in Indonesian films among the people, he said.
One way to do this is hosting public screenings of films in open fields, as has been done in a number of areas, including Garut district, he added.
"Just within this month, we hosted two public viewing events together in Garut. One in Cikajang, and the other in Banyuresmi. (That is) how we introduce films to the public because this is the work of the (citizens), the (offering of the) film industry in Indonesia," he said.
Member of Commission X of the House of Representatives, Ferdiansyah, said that the House is encouraging partnered ministries to push for the betterment of the Indonesian film industry so that it becomes better known and thereby, make the artworks something to be proud of.
The national film industry has improved, however, it is far from fulfilling expectations; for instance, it has yet to help impart educational and cultural values, he opined.

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