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Ministry Promotes Belitung to Singaporean Tourists

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Wahyu Dwi Anggoro • 05 Desember 2019 17:54
Jakarta: Aiming to introduce Belitung destinations as a choice of Singaporean tourist destinations, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy invites journalists and travel bloggers from Singapore through familiarization trip (famtrip) from November 28-December 1 2019.
According to the official, famtrip is one of the strategies to increase the number of international tourist visits, especially from Singapore.
"The selection of Belitung as the famtrip destination aims to introduce other leading tourism in Indonesia. Through this famtrip, we introduce the beauty of Belitung to tourists from Singapore," Deputy Assistant of Regional I Marketing Development of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy Dessy Ruhati said in a press release issued on Thursday, December 5, 2019.

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Dessy explained that famtrip is one of the strategies to increase the number of international tourist visits, especially from Singapore. Participants arrived in Belitung on Thursday, November 28, 2019 after flying using Garuda Indonesia on the Singapore-Jakarta route, then continued the trip on the same day to visit many spots in Belitung, such as Lengkuas Island, Batu Berlayar Island, Batu Garuda Island, Pasir Island, Bukit Peramun, and Geopark Information Center.
Dessy stated that this famtrip activity is expected to increase Singapore's market awareness of Belitung destinations. According to her, the unavailability of direct flights from Singapore - Belitung is one of the challenges in attracting international tourists from Singapore.
"Singapore is a hub for many destinations in Indonesia. Therefore, the potential for the tourist market is also very high. Tourist visits from Singapore are among the highest in Indonesia after Malaysia and China. Singapore's market potential is quite large. We will try to maximize it including through fam trip activities," she continued.
"We plan to partner with several airlines to open the Singapore-Belitung round trip direct flights to shorten the length that must be taken to get to Belitung," she added.
Recorded from January to September 2019, the number of tourists from Singapore who visited Indonesia reached the number of 1,405,979. It is bigger than the last year’s 1,236,930 international tourist visits. Meanwhile, this year, the target for Singapore tourists visiting Indonesia is raised to 2,500,000.


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