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Misool's Kajang Boat Race Can Draw Foreign Tourists: Official

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Antara • 29 November 2019 17:59
Sorong: The Kajang boat race at this year's Wonderful Misool Festival is expected to attract more foreign tourists to Misool, Raja Ampat, West Papua.
"The Wonderful Misool Festival, held on November 25, 2019, was just the start to introducing the Misool community members' traditional wooden boats called "Perahu Kajang," Jufri Macap stated in Sorong on Thursday, November 28, 2019.
According to the local official, the Kajang Boat Race should be intensively promoted to become Misool Island's tourist attraction. As a legacy of cultural products of the people of Misool, Kajang boats has been used traditionally as a means of transportation for generations.

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Moreover, the Kajang Boat Race was also an effort to preserve the legacy of the Misool people's ancestors. As a result, the unique traditional wooden boats could have garnered international exposure through the visits of foreign travellers.
Apart from Misool, three other major islands in Raja Ampat Regency are Waigeo, Salawati, and Batanta that are home to ancient rock paintings. In total, the region has some 1.7 thousand islands, including the unoccupied and most scenic Isle of Wayag made of karst or limestone from other isles.
Literally meaning "Four Kings," Raja Ampat is a crown jewel owing to its crystal-clear turquoise sea waters and several isles blanketed by a dense green carpet of forests and mangrove swamps. Located on the northwestern tip of the Indonesian province of West Papua, The innate beauty of Raja Ampat isles isoften viewed as heaven on earth, where the dreams of divers become a reality and nature lovers find an ideal place. (Antara)


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