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North Sulawesi Aims to Be Top Ecotourism-Based Destination

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Wahyu Dwi Anggoro • 02 Desember 2019 19:11
Jakarta: North Sulawesi Deputy Governor Steven Octavianus Estefanus Kandouw wants North Sulawesi tourism to be known as a popular ecotourism-based destination due to its high potential.
Steven Octavianus recently welcomed a group of journalists in the event of "Tourism Promotion on National Media" held by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy at the Office of the Governor of North Sulawesi in Manado. He said that the natural wealth in North Sulawesi is not only its underwater beauty, but also the lakes, mountains, and the culture of the people.
"North Sulawesi not only wants to be identified as Bunaken. There are many other beautiful places like Likupang and Lembeh Island. We want North Sulawesi tourism to be known as ecotourism-based," Steven was quoted by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy's website as saying.

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According to Steven, The ecotourism approach would preserve all tourism potentials such as natural wealth and cultural diversity to last for generations to come. Therefore, the multiplier effect arising from the presence of foreign and local tourists in North Sulawesi can drive the pace of economic growth in the region to the national level.
"Moreover, the government also encourages Regencies and Cities to create various events to attract tourists," said Steven.
For the development of tourism, Steven is well aware that a number of things must be improved. Not only targeting to add more direct flights, but the government has also planned to build five more 5-star hotels in Likupang.
The Deputy Secretary for Marketing Development II of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy Masruroh explained that they have five Quick-Win programs to increase the level of international tourist arrivals. One of them is to accelerate national mega-events.
Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy aims for more high-quality international events to be held in five super-priority destinations, one of which is in Likupang, North Sulawesi. The events should be enhanced by a touch of creativity that is able to empower the local community, elevate the image of priority destinations, regions and reputation of Indonesia.
"The existence of Likupang super-priority destinations will certainly strengthen the attractiveness of North Sulawesi," Masruroh said in a press statement released on Monday, December 2, 2019.


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