Tourism Minister Arief Yahya (Photo:Tourism Ministry)
Tourism Minister Arief Yahya (Photo:Tourism Ministry)

Top 10 Events and Festivals in Indonesia

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Sunnaholomi Halakrispen, Christopher Harindra • 19 Oktober 2019 15:25
Jakarta: Indonesian Tourism Minister Arief Yahya launched the Calendar of Events (COE) 2020. The best 10 Indonesian tourism events were included in the COE 2020.
The events are Bali Arts Festival, Jember Fashion Carnival, Banyuwangi Ethno Carnival, Art Jog, Sanur Village Festival, Iron Man 70.3 Bintan, Borobudur Marathon, Java Jazz, F8 Festival and Tomohon International Flower Festival.
"The best event is the Bali Arts Festival," Arief told reporters during the launch of the COE 2020.

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According to the Ministry, the Bali Arts Festival has the highest rating points. The festival is an annual event in the resort island of Bali.
In addition, the Bali Arts Festival also fulfills the 3C Criterias (Cultural / Creative Values, Commercial and Communication Values, and COE Commitment). These are important aspects that must be considered in order to improve the quality of events in tourism destinations.
"Bali Arts Festival is an ideal example of a perfect event, COE has a commitment of 36 years. No wonder that those who come to this event, half are foreign tourists, and the other half are Indonesian tourists," he explained.
Since the Bali Arts Festival is considered as the best, Arief is planning to hold a coaching clinic in Bali. tourism operators in other regions are expected to learn from their Balinese counterparts.
"We hope that every region is serious about arranging and developing events that have already been included in the top 100 of COE 2020 so that they can bring more foreign tourists to Indonesia," he concluded.



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