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Updating of LOVEBALI App Aligns with Bali Tourism Reopening: Official

Antara • 08 October 2021 12:25
Jakarta: The LOVEBALI app, developed by the Bali provincial government, will be updated in keeping with Bali Province's plan to commence international flights in mid-October, according to an official.
"We have received clear-cut directions from the governor. Tourists visiting Bali must download, install, and use the LOVEBALI application," Head of Informatics Application, Communication, Informatics and Statistics Office of Bali Province, I Gusti Ngurah Puspa Udiyana, stated during a virtual press conference with Amazon Web Service on Thursday.
Udiyana quoted the circulars of the Governor of Bali No. 15243 of 2020 on requirements for domestic tourists visiting Bali that stipulates the rules of installing the application for tourists visiting Bali.

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Bali's Informatics and Statistics Office has been preparing LOVEBALI since last year, though at that time, the COVID-19 case count was still high, she pointed out.
This year, under the plan to re-open Bali for foreign tourists, Udiyana and her team will re-activate this application.
LOVEBALI was developed, so that local governments can obtain tourism-related data that will be processed as a foundation in formulating policies, she expounded.
According to Udiyana, this application has tracking features and travel history similar to PeduliLindungi.
Hence, Udiyana noted that the Bali provincial government had discussed with the PeduliLindungi team on the likelihood of integrating the two applications to facilitate tourists.
"We have met with the PeduliLindungi team for possible integration, so that tourists will not submit the same information in different applications," Udiyana emphasized.
Bali's Informatics and Statistics Office is also developing the tourist contribution feature by collaborating with Bali/ Regional Development Bank BPD)  for payment systems, she revealed.
In addition to developing features, she noted that the office had readied technical aspects for LOVEBALI, which is the migration and integration of the LOVEBALI system to the AWS cloud computing.
Bali will be re-opened for foreign tourists on October 14, its Governor, Wayan Koster, had stated earlier while echoing its readiness.
The Bali local government will necessitate tourists to have been vaccinated with two COVID-19 vaccine doses, have obtained the PCR test results, and have filled in the eHac application that is integrated with PeduliLindungi and LOVEBALI. 



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