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Illustration ( Rizal)

Batavia China Town Show 2019 to be Held on Saturday

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Antara • 15 November 2019 18:25
Jakarta: The capital city Jakarta will organize the Batavia China Town Show 2019 to showcase the inimitable collaboration between Chinese and Betawi culture on Saturday, November 16, 2019 at Fatahillah Park, Old City of Jakarta.
"The Batavia China Town Show 2019 is aimed at exploring the harmonious collaboration between Chinese and Betawi culture," Jakarta's Tourism and Culture Office acting head Alberto Ali stated here on Friday, November 15, 2019.
According to the official, the event focuses on preserving Chinese culture in the city and exploring the potential of Jakarta as a tourist destination, he remarked.

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Called Batavia during the Dutch colonial era, Jakarta is identified as a melting pot of various cultures, including Chinese, Arabian, Portuguese, Malay, and Java.
"The Batavia China Town Show 2019 is presented to the public to enrich the people's knowledge and insights into Chinese art and culture," he noted.
As part of the event, the office has roped in several artists and communities in the performance of a colossal drama on Chinese daily life in Batavia, directed by Betawi's film director, Atien Kisam.
"Through the show, we can see that people in the past fought for one common goal, for Indonesia," Kisam explained. (Antara)


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