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Illustration ( Rizal)

Tourist Arrivals in Indonesia Up 5.9% in March 2019

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02 Mei 2019 16:49
Jakarta: The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) has recorded that tourist arrivals in Indonesia surged 5.9 percent in March 2019 to 1.34 million, from 1.27 million a month earlier.
"Typically, the number of tourist arrivals in March surpasses that of February, as March has more number of days than February," BPS Chief Suharyanto remarked in Jakarta on Thursday.
Suharyanto noted that 765.80 thousand tourists arriving in Indonesia in March were air travelers, while 384.80 thousand took the sea route, and 188.07 thousand came via land.

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Tourist arrivals in March brought the figure to 3.82 million of those visiting Indonesia in the first quarter of 2019, thereby indicating a 4.28 percent rise than 3.66 million recorded during the corresponding period last year, he pointed out.
In comparison with March 2018, the number of tourist arrivals from ASEAN member states recorded the highest hike of 11.66 percent, while the highest decline of 12.71 percent in March 2019 was noted in the number of tourists arriving from Asia other than the ASEAN, he noted.
Malaysia contributed almost 281.4 thousand, or 21.02 percent, of the tourist arrivals in March, followed by 180.3 thousand, or 13.47 percent, from Singapore; 166.9 thousand, or 12.47 percent, from China; 99.2 thousand, or 7.41 percent, from Timor Leste; and 93.4 thousand, or 6.98 percent, from Australia.
"We continue to hold immense potential to draw more tourists to Indonesia, not only in terms of their numbers but also their length of stay since Indonesia has several scenic tourist destinations," he added. (Antara)



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