Hong Kong is the second-largest foreign investor in Indonesia. (Photo: MI)
Hong Kong is the second-largest foreign investor in Indonesia. (Photo: MI)

Hong Kong Investors Invited to Expand Businesses in Indonesia

Antara • 05 December 2022 20:46
Beijing: Indonesian Ambassador to China Djauhari Oratmangun has invited Hong Kong investors to expand their businesses in Indonesia.
"Come to and invest in Indonesia. Otherwise, you will be late," the ambassador said following a meeting with businesspersons and investors in Hong Kong on Sunday.
At the meeting, Oratmangun outlined a number of investment opportunities for Hong Kong businesspersons, including the development of the new Indonesian capital in East Kalimantan on the green city concept.

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Other investment opportunities include mineral resource downstreaming, the lithium battery industry, transportation, renewable energy, health infrastructure, and digital transformation, he said.
"But these all must continue to pay attention to the principles of local worker employment, environment friendly, value-added, and commitment to technological transfer," he added.
Meanwhile, Hong Kong-based Indonesian Consul General Ricky Suhendar underlined the Indonesian government's commitment to continuing the agenda of structural reform, deregulation, and debureaucratization in the investment sector.
The Indonesian government will ensure legal certainty and improve the ease of doing business and investment in the country, he said.
"Of course, the investment opportunities that we offer have specialty for Hong Kong since Hong Kong is the second-largest foreign investor in Indonesia," he said without further elaborating on his statement.



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