In 2020, entrepreneurs made up just 3.4 percent, or about 8 million, of the nation's population.
In 2020, entrepreneurs made up just 3.4 percent, or about 8 million, of the nation's population.

Investment Ministry Helping Indonesian Students to Become Entrepreneurs

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Antara • 18 January 2022 19:05
Jakarta: The Ministry of Investment/Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) is helping students to become entrepreneurs through the provision of easy licensing and partnership facilities, an official has said.
According to Special Staff for national entrepreneur development at the ministry, Pradana Indraputra, young people, especially students and college students, need to realize that the government has opened access to information that can be utilized to start a business.
"The government has opened access to various (types of) information and budget (policies) as well. Given the access to licensing and partnership, I think it is time for students to become entrepreneurs," he said in a written statement issued on Tuesday

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Indraputra, who is also a young entrepreneur, said it is best to start a business at a young age since youngsters can adapt and take risks, and are not afraid to push hard.
Moreover, there are many facilities supporting entrepreneurship, including the budget policies of the central government, regional governments, and State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs), which prescribe around 30–40 percent budget allocation for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), he said.
The policies also require that 30 percent of commercial areas be allotted to MSMEs and 30 percent of the credit ratio target be allocated to MSMEs, he added.
"Currently, we are entering a window of opportunity, namely the demographic bonus. We can imitate that have succeeded in taking advantage of this good momentum by mobilizing their young generation to be independent through entrepreneurship," Indraputra emphasized.
In addition, the government is also focusing on encouraging the creation of equity and a sustainable economy by continuing to help MSMEs advance their class and partner with big investors, he said.
"BKPM is not only concerned with large or foreign companies but also aligns with MSMEs. This is proved by a partnership program that has been running for two years. In 2021, a total of Rp 2.7 trillion of potential contracts had been given by large companies to local MSMEs in the vicinity," he informed.
Meanwhile, secretary-general of the Communication Forum for Students' Work, Azka Aufary Ramli, called for the acceleration of entrepreneurship among young people.
"I agree that there should be acceleration and penetration of creating young entrepreneurs among students, especially now that the climate is good. Right now is the best time to start a business as an entrepreneur," he added.
Entrepreneurs must account for at least 10 percent of Indonesia's population if the nation is to reach developed status, he said.
In 2020, entrepreneurs made up just 3.4 percent, or about 8 million, of the nation's population, he pointed out.
Although this figure has exceeded the international standard, which is 2 percent, this achievement is still far behind neighboring countries, Ramli said.
In Singapore, for example, entrepreneurs make up 7 percent of the total population, and in Malaysia, 5 percent, he noted.
"If we try to compare with developed countries such as Japan and America, the number of our entrepreneurs is very far behind, where their number is currently above 10 percent," he added.


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