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Green Economy Key to Break Free from Middle-Income Trap: Minister

Antara • 13 October 2021 18:39
Jakarta: Green economy is one of the game-changers for the nation to break free from the middle-income trap, National Development Planning (PPN) Minister, concurrently National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas) Head Suharso Monoarfa stated.
During the "A Green Economy for a Net Zero Future" online event here on Wednesday, Monoarfa continued to lay emphasis on the importance of high economic growth in order to achieve that goal.
According to Monoarfa, COVID-19 and climate change had changed Indonesia.

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In terms of the economy, a major strategy is required to return Indonesia's economic growth to its trajectory before COVID-19 struck. Meanwhile, in terms of sustainability, visual business-based development is no longer deemed capable of tackling current challenges.
"These challenges show an urgency for Indonesia to build back better after the pandemic," the minister expounded.
To this end, low-carbon development has become one of the national priorities in the Mid-term Development Plan (RPJM) 2020-2024 and acts as an important backbone to realizing a green economy for sustainable development, he affirmed.
"Various studies at the global level indicate that investment support for low-carbon development post-pandemic yields two benefits," he noted.
According to Monoarfa, the first benefit is that in the interim, it would drive the creation of green jobs, while the second advantage is that in the long-term, it would create a more stable and sustainable economy.
Moreover, the Bappenas head revealed that the Low-Carbon Development Initiative Report unveiled today presents scientific analysis from various scenarios toward supporting a green economy through low-carbon development, including Indonesia's net-zero emission effort in 2060.
Monoarfa expressed optimism that the report would serve as a reference point for policy makers and encourage the creation of policies at all levels that push for the realization of a resilient, sustainable green economy in future.
In addition, he pressed for assistance and collaboration among stakeholders to ensure a fair transition toward net zero emissions and green economy in the future.
"Indonesia's target to achieve net zero emissions by 2060 is a significant achievement in the effort to mitigate climate change. However, more importantly, it would ensure Indonesia would not be late in transitioning to a green economy," he affirmed.



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