BCA logo. Photo: AFP
BCA logo. Photo: AFP

BCA Records SR017 Sales Reach Rp5.4 Trillion

Antara • 16 September 2022 16:19
Jakarta: PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) recorded sales of retail government securities (SBN) series SR017 reaching Rp5.4 trillion during the offering period from August 19, 2022 to September 14, 2022.
Director of BCA Haryanto Budiman said that the competition was a record sale of BCA Retail SBN in the primary market, one of which was supported by the Wealth Summit BCA 2022 event.
This activity presents various fields of wealth and there are exclusive offers related to working capital credit promos with special interest starting from 5.99 percent per year with government bonds, such as the ORI/SR/FR series as collateral.

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"We hope that this achievement can contribute positively to the government in promoting national development. We are also grateful that investors and the wider community can take advantage of SR017 to increase their investment portfolio through government retail government securities, as well as have the opportunity to obtain productive loans as needed," Haryanto, quoted from Antara, Friday, September 16, 2022.
He explained that the sales of Rp5.4 trillion were contributed by more than 14 thousand investors. The investors who absorb the portfolio are Generation X by 38 percent of the total investors, followed by Generation Y or millennials by 31 percent of the total investors.
The sale of SR017 was made through KlikBCA Individual and the WELMA BCA platform, which are applications that provide a variety of investment and protection products for customers.
Through WELMA, customers can transact boldly or online to create an online investment identity number (SID) and purchase, including primary and secondary bonds starting from IDR 1 million, IDR mutual funds starting from IDR 100,000, and USD mutual funds starting from USD 10,000.
WELMA's contribution has also contributed to the growth of BCA's managed funds. The number of downloads for the application has reached more than 475,000 users, with a nominal transaction of more than IDR 50 trillion since its launch at the end of 2019 until August 2022 and more than 65 percent of SR017 orders were made by BCA customers through WELMA.
In the first semester of 2022, the performance of BCA's managed funds grew positively, as seen from the growth in assets under management (AUM) of mutual funds and bonds products which reached 54 percent on an annual basis.
Haryanto added that the SBR Retail offering period for the SR017 series has indeed ended. However, the public can take advantage of the 2022 BCA Wealth Summit to identify and make the right decision to have an investment portfolio and protection as needed.
There are various offers to add to the investment and protection offerings of this and other offers, such as to meet investment and protection experts through conferences, consultations and entertainment.
“I invite the public to come to the BCA Wealth Summit 2002 which will last until September 23. The public can access the official website wealthsummit.bca.co.id to be able to attend the event," concluded Haryanto.


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