Illustration ( Rizal)
Illustration ( Rizal)

Kalla Says Public Transportation Can Help Curb Trade Deficit

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Antara • 13 September 2019 21:04
Jakarta: Vice President Jusuf Kalla opined that public transportation if well-managed would assist the government in slashing the trade balance deficit by lowering fuel oil consumption in the transportation sector.
"Fuel oil was the largest contributor to the trade balance deficit, and the transportation sector consumed 70 percent of the fuel oil. If we cannot manage (the transportation sector), we have to import more fuel oil, and we have to face more deficit," Kalla explained at the opening of the Indotrans Expo at JCC Senayan, Jakarta, on Friday.
Kalla stated that the management of transportation will necessitate the development of fast and comfortable public transportation to encourage the people to shift from private to public transportation.

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The high volume of private vehicles will raise fuel oil consumption, Kalla stated. "People speak about traffic jams and complain about pollution. In Jakarta and Surabaya, the pollution was due to the high volume of vehicles," he pointed out.
Kalla believes that an effective and efficient transportation system will facilitate equitable development throughout the nation and aid in inter-regional distribution of logistics.
The three-day Indotrans Expo 2019 is expected to attract 30 thousand visitors. (Antara)


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