BPS Chairman Margo Yuwono (Photo: BPS)
BPS Chairman Margo Yuwono (Photo: BPS)

Indonesia Records Inflation of 0.56% in January 2022

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Eko Nordiansyah • 02 February 2022 14:04
Jakarta: Indonesia's Central Statistics Agency (BPS) announced today the country's consumer price index experienced an inflation of 0.56 percent in January 2022.
BPS Head Margo Yuwon said it was slightly lower than an inflation of 0.57 percent in December 2021.
He explained that the CPI increased from 107.66 in December last year to 108.26 in January 2022. Meanwhile, annual inflation (yoy) was recorded at 2.18 percent.
"Meanwhile, year-on-year inflation (yoy) was 2.18 percent," he said in a video conference on Wednesday, February 2, 2022.

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Of the 90 cities observed by BPS, he said, as many as 85 cities experienced inflation while the other five cities experienced deflation. 
According to him, the highest inflation was recorded in Sibolga at 1.53 percent, wile the lowest inflation was recorded in Manokwari at 0.02 percent.

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