Downstreaming should be developed maximally (
Downstreaming should be developed maximally (

Energy Minister Presses for Mineral Downstreaming in Indonesia

Antara • 04 October 2022 12:57
Jakarta: Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Arifin Tasrif directed his staff to continue to accelerate mineral downstreaming in accordance with the mandate in Law Number 3 of 2020 concerning minerals and coal.
"We must carry out the mandate of mineral downstreaming optimally to provide added value for industry and employment," Tasrif stated during the 2022 Mining and Energy Anniversary ceremony here on Tuesday.
Tasrif remarked that currently, ESDM policies are directed at a sustainable and equitable energy transition to support economic growth and encourage industrial development.

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The main focus is the availability of energy through the maximum use of new and renewable energy (EBT) at affordable prices and environmentally friendly activities.
The minister believes these strategic efforts will have a broad impact on the national economy, such as increasing foreign exchange from investment and exports as well as increasing the number of employment opportunities.
Tasrif also called on his staff and all stakeholders to always adapt to the fast-moving developments of the world's energy sector.
"Every ESDM employee is expected to be able to improve performance through fast, careful, and effective innovation," he affirmed.
Earlier, Tasrif stated that mineral downstreaming was not sufficient only when mineral ores were processed into semi-finished materials.
However, downstreaming should be developed maximally to create products that become the basic material in the complementary or final stages of the industrial sector.
He affirmed that Indonesia has advantages in terms of natural resources, especially mineral reserves, such as nickel and cobalt, which can be utilized for the development of batteries for electric vehicles that are environmentally friendly.
These can then be processed into final products to support the transition to fossil-based energy development by making clean energy for the future.


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