President Jokowi delivered his plea during the second session of the G7 Summit. (Photo:
President Jokowi delivered his plea during the second session of the G7 Summit. (Photo:

President Jokowi Calls for G7 Support to Facilitate Ukraine Wheat Exports

Antara • 28 June 2022 16:51
Jakarta: Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) urged G7 countries to support and facilitate wheat exports from Ukraine at the earliest, as a means to improve the food supply chain impacted by the war.
President Jokowi delivered his plea during the second session of the G7 Summit in Elmau, Germany, on Monday, in which he focused on food issues in his statement.
"Of course, support from the G7 is needed to facilitate Ukrainian wheat exports, so that they can run immediately," Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi noted in a press statement, broadcast from the YouTube account on Tuesday.

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Marsudi stated that the president highlighted the importance of support from G20 countries to reintegrate wheat exports from Ukraine as well as the exports of food and fertilizer commodities from Russia into global supply chains.
Jokowi supports the application of two methods to achieve it, with the first being to facilitate the export of Ukrainian wheat, while the second approach was to convey to the global community that food and fertilizer commodities from Russia are not subject to sanctions.
The head of state believes that this extensive communication was necessary to dispel further doubts riddling the global community.
"Intensive communication also needs to be carried out with related parties, such as banks, insurance firms, shipping companies, and others," Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi said while quoting the president.
Jokowi again drew attention to the real impact of the Ukraine-Russia war on food supply chains and fertilizer-assisted food production.
If these issues were not addressed properly, then it would result in rice scarcity, and it would affect some two billion people, especially in developing countries, he stated.
Apart from the G7 Summit, in which the president participated as a partner country, he also conducted about nine bilateral meetings with the leaders of India, France, Canada, Germany, Britain, Japan, and the European Union, as well as IMF officials.
In almost all of the bilateral meetings, President Jokowi brought up the issue of the global food supply chain.


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