President Joko Widodo (Photo:MI/Ramdani)
President Joko Widodo (Photo:MI/Ramdani)

Beware to Prevent 2023 Crises from Triggering Social Issues: President Jokowi

Antara • 06 December 2022 19:17
Jakarta: Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) appealed to cabinet ministers to be prudent and exercise vigilance amid the fluctuating economic conditions in 2023 to prevent economic or food crises that year from being causal to social issues.
"Regarding economic conditions in 2023, we must, once again, remain prudent and vigilant, particularly to (possible) financial crisis, declining exports -- which is a probability -- and food crisis. We must be careful because those issues can cause social and political issues," the president stated at the State Palace here, Tuesday.
Jokowi earlier presided over an executive meeting to deliberate on the economic outlook in 2023, COVID-19 handling policies, and mitigation steps for food and energy crises. Vice President Ma'ruf Amin, cabinet ministers, and national institution leaders attended the meeting.

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He urged government ministers and officials to be mindful of food stocks and not miscalculate while enacting any policy.
"(We must not miscalculate) to prevent failures in preparing reserves that eventually will be depleted. If merchants are aware of this, the rice price will increase. The supply and demand will be reflective of the condition," he stated.
The president also urged government officials to intensify collaboration to ensure residents would not be lacking in any aspect of their daily life.
"The key is a collaboration between ministers and institutions. Do not be egoistic. Consolidate your data, policies, and implementation," Jokowi emphasized.
Government ministries, institutions, and regional authorities must be mindful of their spending and focus on controlling it.
"(This is) particularly those related to government spending. The state budget, regional budgets, and state-owned enterprises spending must be controlled to bolster public consumption," the president remarked.
He also emphasized that policies to prioritize domestic products in government ministries and institutions are not negotiable.
Jokowi then encouraged ministries and institutions to follow the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing's lead in starting the spending from the beginning of the year.
"At the start of a new year, the Public Works and Public Housing Ministry usually leads (the spending), and I ask other ministries to do the same. Promptly realize capital and social spending from the start of the year while controlling the spending in detailed means," the president remarked. 


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