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Trade Ministry Lauds Indonesian Youth's Interest in Export Business

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Antara • 01 October 2021 16:03
Jakarta: Deputy Minister of Trade Jerry Sambuaga has praised the young generation's interest and enthusiasm to become entrepreneurs in the export business started since the last few years.
"They demonstrate the spirit of entrepreneurship and the spirit to penetrate the export market. The advantage of young people in the export-oriented industrial sector is the extraordinary creativity," Sambuaga stated on Friday while welcoming the Indonesian Youth Reform Movement Council at the Ministry of Trade Office.
He noted that young people often spotted new and out-of-the-box opportunities in developing export products.

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Sambuaga also saw that the young generation nowadays was not only interested in mainstream export goods, such as coffee or porang, but also in developing unique products, including coconut husks and banana fronds.
"At first glance, these items are simple or often considered trash, but in the hands of our creative young people, all of them can become products with high economic value," he emphasized.
Sambuaga remarked that several youngsters had also begun working on digital technology-based creative sectors, such as applications, online games, simulators, and animated films.
He also highlighted that youngsters pioneered and drove the Indonesian crypto industry and their role across industries and levels is projected to increase.
Hence, Sambuaga expressed optimism about the future of Indonesia's exports, especially since during the period from 2020 to the third quarter of 2021, Indonesia had continued to record excellent international trade performance, with a surplus of up to US$20 billion in 2021.
Moreover, until August 2021, the Indonesian government had recorded a trade surplus of over US$19 billion.
"The young people's interest in export-oriented industries will result in the development of more products for more export destination countries," he pointed out.
On the other hand, the government should facilitate keen members of the young generation through synergies and collaboration across ministries and related stakeholders, according to Sambuaga.
He expressed confidence that ministries and institutions in charge of the production sector will continue to facilitate the export industry, while several export development facilitation programs are in place at the Ministry of Trade.
The facilitation of export development in the Trade Ministry is focused more on the downstream sector, specifically design, marketing, business matching, settlement of trade agreements, settlement of trade disputes, and others.
“I am very happy because our communication and collaboration with other ministries are getting better. Hence, synergy in the production system, financing, marketing to logistics, and transportation is also getting better. In future, we hope to be able to solve more problems to increase the income of our export industry," he added.

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