M. Lutfi had the exact steps to boost the domestic economy. Photo: Indonesia Embassy.
M. Lutfi had the exact steps to boost the domestic economy. Photo: Indonesia Embassy.

New Trade Minister Has an Exact Steps to Boost Indonesia's Economy

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Husen Miftahudin • 23 December 2020 14:01
Jakarta: Muhammad Lutfi did not expect that President Joko Widodo would be entrusted with being the Minister of Trade. In fact, as the Indonesian Ambassador to the United States (US), Lutfi went to Jakarta only to carry out his duties.
"As the Indonesian Ambassador to the US, I am on duty to return to Jakarta and have reported to the President on Thursday," Lutfi said after being appointed as Minister of Trade at the State Palace, Central Jakarta, Wednesday, December 23, 2020.
After reporting his duties to the President, Lutfi said to return to United State. When he was about to leave, Jokowi gave Lutfi a call. He was asked to postpone his departure until Friday.

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"On Friday, I was informed that the President will give assignment to lead the Ministry of Trade, and on Tuesday he will be summoned to the Palace," he said.
Becoming the Trade Minister is not a new position for Lutfi. However, he admitted that his appointment this time was a formidable challenge because the global economy was in a weakening trend due to the widespread impact of the covid-19 pandemic.
"As we know that the current world economic situation is perhaps the weakest in all aspects, be it health, purchasing power, unemployment, and other aspects," he explained.
Even so, Lutfi had the exact steps to boost the domestic economy. Bianca Adinegoro’s husband will be serious about boosting the competitiveness of local products in the global arena.
Lutfi ensures that Indonesian goods have the opportunity to compete globally. Therefore, it is important for domestic goods and products to be 'touch-up' so that global exporters are interested and can compete in the world market.
Apart from that, Lutfi also has another smart move so that the domestic trade sector will sparkle amid the pandemic, namely by ensuring the flow of goods runs well. This step is an important part of restoring people's purchasing power.
"This is part of trust in the community to immediately restore purchasing power. And this is the main agenda that I carry out in this short time," concluded Lutfi.

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