The Bank Indonesia Education Festival (FesKaBI) ( Kurniati)
The Bank Indonesia Education Festival (FesKaBI) ( Kurniati)

BI Promotes Digital Economy to Millennials through QRIS

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Pythag Kurniati, Christopher Harindra • 10 Oktober 2019 11:19
Solo: Bank Indonesia (BI) introduced the use of Indonesian Standard Quick Response (QRIS) to millennials. The payment system was promoted during the Bank Indonesia Education Festival (FesKaBI) at the Sebelas Maret University (UNS) in Solo.
BI Deputy Governor Sugeng explained that Indonesia's economic growth within the last five years has been at five percent. It is hoped that Indonesia's economy will be able to grow to eight percent by 2033.
" We need to look for new sources for economic growth, one of which is the digital economy," Sugeng said, at the UNS Campus, Solo, Central Java on Wednesday, October 9, 2019.

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QRIS is a concrete step in advancing the country's digital economy. QRIS is expected to encourage efficiency in economic activities. Moreover, the progress of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will also impact economic growth.
"The payment system is a kind of softener. If the softener is good, the economic growth will be smoother," he explained.
According to UNS Vice Rector for Planning and Cooperation Sajidan, introducing QRIS to students is a positive campaign. It is because one-third of Indonesia's population are millennials.
"QRIS from BI is seen as implementing the vision of the future payment system in Indonesia. Everything is fast in the era of the fourth industrial revolution," said Sajidan.
Metro TV Editor in Chief, Don Bosco Salamun appreciated BI's step in promoting the digital economy. The digital economy must be socialized as soon as possible among the younger generation.
"A digital economy is not something that is far away. This is the new economy. People work more efficiently, faster, more profitable, intermediation will not exist and everything will be cheap, everything will be on smartphones," he said.'s News Director and Person in Charge, Abdul Kohar said that the closeness of the community to the economy and the digital world is a necessity. He argued that the promotion campaign is strategic because it is targeting the millennial generation.
"No one can avoid it. Even in China payment is cashless. It is not too late for Indonesia and this is the right momentum," he explained.


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