President Joko Widodo (Photo:MI/Ramdani)
President Joko Widodo (Photo:MI/Ramdani)

Indonesia Could Become World's 4th Largest Economy by 2045: Jokowi

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Nur Azizah • 20 February 2020 13:29
Jakarta: President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo believes that Indonesia could be the fourt largest economy in the world by 2045. His prediction is based on studies from a number of economic institutitions.
"The World Bank, IMF, McKinsey and Bappenas have similar predictions," he told participants of the 2020 Investment National Coordination Meeting here on Thursday, February 20, 2020.
President Jokowi explained that the country currently has the 15th largest economy in the world. The former Jakarta governor added that Indonesia is also a member of G20 group.

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"If we can maintain our growth or our growth can reach six or seven percent, we will be able to achive that goal before 2045," he stated.
Investment realization in the period of January-December 2019 achieved Rp 809.6 trillion or reached 102.2 percent to the target of 2019 investment realization of Rp 792.0 trillion. The total investment realization value in this period involves the realization of DDI and FDI which value of Rp 386.5 trillion (47.7 percent) and Rp 423.1 trillion (52.3 percent).
The top 5 investment location of total investment realization (DDI & FDI) in the period of January-December 2019 were West Java (Rp 137.5 trillion, 17.0 percent), Special Territory of Jakarta (Rp 123.9 trillion, 15.3 percent), Central Java (Rp 59.5 trillion, 7.3 percent), East Java (Rp 58.5 trillion, 7.2 percent), and Banten (Rp 48.7 trillion, 6.0 percent).
The top 5 leading countries for FDI realization within the period of January-December 2019 were: Singapore (US$ 6.5 billion, 23.1 percent); China (US$ 4.7 billion, 16.8 percent); Japan (US$ 4.3 billion, 15.3 percent; Hong Kong (US$ 2.9 billion, 10.2 percent) and Netherlands (US$ 2.6 billion, 9.2 percent).
Based on business sector, the top 5 of investment realization (DDI & FDI) in the period of January-December 2019 were Transportation, Warehouse, and Telecommunication (Rp 139.0 trillion, 17.2 percent); Electricity, Gas, and Water Supply (Rp 126.0 trillion, 15.6 percent); Housing, Industrial Estate, and Office Building (Rp 71.1 trillion, 8.8 percent), Metal, Metal Based Goods, Non-Machinery and Equipment Industry (Rp 61.6 trillion, 7.6 percent), and Mining (Rp 59.5 trillion, 7.4 percent).

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