BRIN will become one of Kadin's main partners to jointly push the industry in Indonesia.
BRIN will become one of Kadin's main partners to jointly push the industry in Indonesia.

BRIN, Kadin Explore Collaboration for Strengthening Industry in Indonesia

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Antara • 19 January 2022 17:03
Jakarta: The National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) and the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) are exploring collaboration for strengthening and enhancing the development of the industrial sector in Indonesia, an official has informed.
"We want long-term, in-depth, and strategic cooperation with BRIN," said Head of the Kadin Research and Technology Agency Ilham Habibie in a written statement  here on Wednesday.
The domestic industry is not yet oriented towards research and development, he noted. For example, in the automotive industry, research is being conducted outside the country, and Indonesia only has workshops or factories that manufacture the products, he elaborated.

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Hence, research and development (R&D) needs to be strengthened as the industrial sector requires substantial R&D, he said.
To make this happen, BRIN will become one of Kadin's main partners to jointly push the industry in Indonesia, he added.
Meanwhile, Head of BRIN Laksana Tri Handoko welcomed the discussion on cooperation opportunities between Kadin and BRIN.
He said the integration of research and development units into BRIN has enabled the agency to have a large capacity, especially in terms of human resources (HR), infrastructure, and budget.
"The main goal of BRIN is not only to promote BRIN researchers, but to enable business actors to enter into research for (solving) various problems," Handoko added.
BRIN has several schemes for funding and provides facilities that are open to all groups, including competition-based industries, he said.
So far, the industry has been reluctant to conduct research because research requires heavy investment, especially in human resources and infrastructure, he noted.
The presence of BRIN has allowed the provision of human resources and infrastructure free of cost, he said.
"The coordination will be based on a license. If there are research results, we ask for a license. But if it doesn't work, then no problem. We can work together again," Handoko added.


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