Global consumption of halal products is expected to increase. (Photo:
Global consumption of halal products is expected to increase. (Photo:

Indonesia Should Become Global Halal Industry's Major Player: MPR Speaker

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Antara • 25 May 2022 20:05
Jakarta: Indonesia, with the largest Muslim population worldwide, should become a major player in the global halal industry rather than merely a market target of the industry, according to the People's Consultative Assembly (MPR) speaker.
"Moreover, last January, Vice President Ma'ruf Amin initiated the Global Halal Hub ecosystem as part of the national synergy movement to make Indonesia as a global halal producer hub in 2024," MPR Speaker Bambang Soesatyo noted in his statement here on Wednesday.
According to the speaker, the State of Global Islamic Economy Report 2020-2021 revealed that global consumption of halal products is expected to increase, from US$1.17 trillion in 2019 to US$1.38 trillion by 2024.

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The same report also highlighted that the consumption of Islamic fashion globally is expected to rise, from US$277 billion to US$311 billion, he remarked.
"The increase not only occurs in Muslim-majority countries, such as those in the Middle East but also in countries not dominated by Muslims, such as those in Europe. Non-Muslim consumers have convinced that the halal label in products not only has religious significance but also proves the products' cleanliness and safety," the speaker noted.
During his earlier engagement with the Islamic organization Al Muttaqien Care Foundation in Jakarta, Soesatyo lauded the foundation's initiatives to assist the verification process for 10 million MSMEs to obtain free halal certificates.
"Al Muttaqien Care Foundation's assistance (is provided) through the temanQu digital platform to collect application data more accurately and faster and is part of their involvement as the Halal Product Assurance Agency's (BPJPH's) strategic partner," he affirmed.
The speaker noted that the provision of 10 million free halal certifications for MSMEs demonstrates President Joko Widodo's commitment to supporting Indonesian MSMEs' entry into the global halal industry.
The six major industries in the global halal industry are food, fashion, tourism, cosmetics, pharmacy, and new and renewable energies, he stated while adding that Indonesia can aim to dominate the food and fashion industries.
Citing Bank Indonesia's research, Muslim food and fashion industries touch all strata of society, right from farmers to Islamic schools and major corporations, he added.


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