The impact of the Omicron infection differs from that of the Delta infection in 2021. (Photo:
The impact of the Omicron infection differs from that of the Delta infection in 2021. (Photo:

Omicron to Not Significantly Impact Indonesian Economy: BKF

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Antara • 10 February 2022 18:31
Jakarta: Head of Finance Ministry's Fiscal Policy Agency (BKF) Febrio Kacaribu has estimated that the economic impact of the Omicron variant will not be significant since the strain is believed to be easier to control.
"Currently, with the data that we have, we are quite optimistic that we would be able to handle this condition well," the BKF head noted during an online media briefing on Thursday.
"The factor that we have to consider is the readiness of health facilities and telemedicine that are very helpful here," he remarked.

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The impact of the Omicron infection differs from that of the Delta infection in 2021. The Delta variant causes more severe symptoms that necessitate patient hospitalizations or to conduct isolation at locations provided by the government.
"What is interesting is how mild Omicron symptoms are compared to those of the Delta variant," he remarked.
"Many countries that have started to adjust their response are not as restrictive as when they were dealing with Delta last year," he affirmed.
Currently, Indonesia also has in place the PeduliLindungi application that could instantly detect patients confirmed to have contracted COVID-19. These patients could undergo self-isolation at home and have medicines delivered to them, so that they could recover soon.
"This will reduce the pressure on health facilities and the need to treat patients at hospitals that are relatively expensive," Kacaribu noted.
"As a result, if we can better control this self-isolation and not have everyone going to the hospitals, then it will be far better for the economic activities and the budget," he affirmed.
Nonetheless, the government continues to ready health facilities in order to contain the potential surge of COVID-19 cases.
In the 2022 State Budget, the government had also determined the automatic adjustment wherein ministries and institutions are requested to set aside and not immediately utilize five percent of their budget.
"When we need reallocation, the fund already exists, which will not surprise us and will not require additional time to prepare them," he explained.
With this strategy, Kacaribu believes that economic growth in 2022 would be higher as compared to that in 2021or will reach above five percent year-on-year. 

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