Illustration of Indonesian rupiah and US dolar. (Photo: Ant)
Illustration of Indonesian rupiah and US dolar. (Photo: Ant)

Indonesian Trade Balance Surplus by US$1.33 Billion

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Gervin Nathaniel Purba • 19 Agustus 2015 14:14, Jakarta: Deputy of Production Statistics of the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) Adi Lumaksono said the Indonesian trade balance on July 2015 had experienced a surplus of US$1.33 billion.
"It is based on the import value of US$10.08 billion in July 2015, smaller from the previous export value of US$11.41 billion," said Adi when met at the BPS Office, Jakarta, Tuesday (8/18/2015).
Adi added that the other surplus factor is due to the non-oil and gas sector surplus of US$2.20 billion, despite the deficit of the oil and gas sector of US$0.87 billion.

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Meanwhile, the trade balance on January to July 2015 experienced a surplus of US$5.73 billion. As with the July period, the surplus of January to July period was caused by greater export value if compared with the import.
"Export value was at US$89.76 billion greater than the import of US$84.03 billion," explained Adi Lumaksono.
From the trade volume trade on July 2015, the balance of Indonesian trade volume have surplussed at 30.15 million tons. The event was boosted by the surplus of non-oil and gas sector's balance of 30.68 million tons. On the contrary, the oil and gas sector experienced a deficit of 0.53 million tons.


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