President Director of HM Sampoerna Paul Norman Janelle (right) (Photo: MTVN)
President Director of HM Sampoerna Paul Norman Janelle (right) (Photo: MTVN)

Laying Off 4,900 Employees, Sampoerna's Boss: My Heart Crushed

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Dian Ihsan Siregar • 09 Oktober 2015 17:19, Jakarta: The management of PT HM Sampoerna Tbk (HMSP) clarified that they have laid off 4,900 employees last year.
"This is related to the tobacco market. I heard at least 32,000 employees exiting. For the company, last year two factories were closed, from the two there were 4,900 employees," said the President Director of HM Sampoerna Paul Norman Janelle, when met after the Extraordinary Meeting of Stockholders of HM Sampoerna, at One Pacific Place SCBD Sudirman, Jakarta, Friday (10/9/2015).
The employee reduction last year, he mentioned, had crushed his heart. Therefore, he hopes the lay off measurement will not be repeated this year.

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"My heart was broken and shattered to hear the lay offs. This year, hopefully, there will be no more lay offs," complained Paul.
Following the lay off, according to Paul, the company did not merely loses their responsibilities to their employees sent home. The company gave compensations to the laid-off employees. Moreover, there were also given special trainings on entrepreneurship.
"They were given trainings, they went to the entrepreneurship training centers owned by the company near Pasuruan. Therefore they were able to continue their decent living in the future. They earned the rights of compensation," he concluded.



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