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Illustration ( Rizal)

Embassy Urges Indonesians in Saudi Arabia Not to Travel to Mecca, Medina

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Antara • 08 March 2020 20:07
Jakarta: The Indonesian Embassy in Riyadh has called on Indonesian residents in Saudi Arabia not to travel to Macca and Medina for the time being amid the ongoing concerns over the spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19).
"Until this time, the Saudi government still bans Muslims from all over the world from performing umrah (minor hajj) pilgrimage," the embassy revealed in a press statement on Sunday, March 8, 2020.
According to the Indonesian embassy, the temporary ban is imposed on the Saudi residents and expatriates who stay inside and outside the two cities.

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The Saudi authorities also restrict the arrivals of flights from United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Bahrain at three international airports -- King Khalid, King Abdulaziz, and King Fahd in Dammam.
This latest policy has been made effective since Saturday, March 7, 2020. On the same day, the Saudi Ministry of Sports also prevent people from attending sporting events.
Over such ongoing concerns regarding the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak which, the Saudi Government has been banning the inflow of foreign umrah pilgrims since February 27.
Saudi Arabia, where the Islamic Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina are located, is a destination for Muslims worldwide that are keen to perform Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages. (Antara)

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