Foreign Affairs Minister Retno Marsudi (Photo:MoFA)
Foreign Affairs Minister Retno Marsudi (Photo:MoFA)

UNSC Must Focus on Protection of Civilians' Agenda: FM Retno

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Wahyu Dwi Anggoro • 24 Mei 2019 14:59
Jakarta: Marking the 20th anniversary of the first UN Security Council resolution on Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict and coinciding with 70th anniversary of the Fourth Geneva Convention, Indonesia chaired the UNSC Open Debate on Protection of Civilians at the United Nations headquarters in New York on Thursday local time.
In order to strengthen the implementation of the protection of civilians’ agenda, Indonesia put forward three points during the open debate. First, National capacities of concerned States must be strengthened.
Second, effective implementation and compliance of normative frameworks guiding the protection of civilians in armed conflicts must be ensured. Third, innovative and practical ways to protect civilians on the ground must be pursued.

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"In situations of conflict, the safety and security of people must always come first," Foreign Affairs Minister Retno Marsudi said.
The Indonesian top diplomat chaired the UN Security Council Briefing on the Situation in the Middle East at the same venue a day earlier.
During the forum, she underlined that protracted conflicts in the Middle East have serious repercussions on regional and global peace and stability. In addition, she said the UN Security Council must make real progress on this issue.
"Early this month, we have seen yet another wave of violence in Gaza, resulting in at least 29 casualties from both sides. I appreciate the role of Secretariat and Egypt to de-escalate the
situation. However, we are concerned that the construction of illegal settlements in West Bank persists. It has become de facto annexation," she said.
As the result, Indonesia called for international protection for the Palestinian civilians. Furthermore, the country also pushed for better economic and social development in Palestinian territories.


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